PBT at a Glance

PBT consultant engineers was established in 2015  and has evolved into one of the leading engineering consulting companies in Iran in the areas of  designing and equipment planning of healthcare facilities by supporting a group of professional and experienced experts in planning, design, and construction of Health Care Facilities. Our team has a  wealth of experience of design and equipment planning in different type of health care facilities, as follows:

·         Cancer centers

·         General Hospitals

·         Trauma Centers

·         Burn Centers

·         Rehabilitation Centers

·         Multi-Specialty Mega hospitals (1000 Beds)

·         Day Care clinics

·         Psychology Hospitals

·         Clinical and research Laboratories


Our Company is among the handful of consultants in Iran produced a complete package of Hospital and medical equipment 2&3D models and objects for Utility Planning (UP) of health care facilities.

In addition to above mentioned areas, our activities have been expanded to other fields such as preparing design guidelines, conducting Feasibility study, writing Business plan, Procurement Engineering and so on. ;  Recently several design guidelines for medical school facilities of Iran including medical school, School of Nursing and Midwifery and the school of allied medical science have been prepared by request of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical education.


Message of the Managing Director

As the managing director of PBT, I can proudly announce that over the past two decades we have exerted undisputed efferts to perform numerous projects, making a positive attempt to serve our beloved country and particularly the engineering community by preparing national design guidelines and giving valuable consultation for design and equipment planning of healthcare facilities, etc… I would strongly recommend and urge that we rely on Iranian engineers’ abilities for implementing your projects. Rest assured that your projects would be performed using advanced methods and software tools regarding design and planning of buildings, especially in healthcare facilities..